Q. Does my child need to be present for the baseball draft?
A. No, only coaches attend the draft.


Q. Can my six year old play 7/8 baseball?
A. Yes, if your player is ready to move on from t-ball to baseball.


Q. Can my five year old play 7/8 baseball?
A. No, due to safety concerns we do not allow five year olds to play 7/8 baseball.


Q. Does my child have to be from Thornville to play in the league?
A. No


Q.  How many practices are there in a week?
A.  Usually 1-2 per week depending on field availability and how many teams need to fit in practice time.


Q.  How do practice times get decided?
A.  The oldest team gets first pick of what day, time and field and the list goes on from there.


Q.  When do practices start?
A.  Once teams have been drafted, (first or second weekend in March), the teams can start practicing then but that is up to the coach. t-ball teams usually start a little later. Most practices come to an end when games start due to field availability.


Q.  How many games are in a week?
A.  Your child can play up to 1-2 games in a week during the regular season. Again this all depends how many teams are signed up


Q.  Are there set days games will be on?
A.  No. games will be sporadic throughout the week. NO GAMES ON SUNDAYS!


Q.  Do we play just in Thornville? 
A.  All Home games are played in Thornville, however we do play away games. 7/8 and 9/10 Baseball and Tball plays in Somerset & Glenford. 11/12 Baseball is part of the MVL league and plays at all locations for the MVL teams which may include, Glenford, Somerset, New Concord, Licking Valley, Dresden and other locations.


Q.  What equipment does my player need?
A.  All players will need cleats (optional for T-Ball), ball gloves, batting helmets and bats. If your coach has any other needs they will discuss that with you. TYRA supplies jersey and hat. The player will need to purchase baseball pants (t-ball optional).


Q.  Do coaches have background checks done?
A.  Yes. As required by our insurance company, anyone with involvement on the field with children must have a background check done and successfully pass it.


Q.  What costs are associated with running the league?
A. TYRA uses the Village of Thornville fields so we are required to carry insurance, we owe the Village money for electric, we cover the cost of background checks if the coaches want reimbursed, fields need upkeep as well as field chalk and field dry, ump payments, t-ball players receives medals at the end of the season, copies for items disbursed to players and parents, fees for the card reader for the concession stand, field equipment and improvements.


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